Green Chilli

The fresh flavour and sharp bite make them a must in almost all Indian dishes. This particular green chili variety is small and said to be spicier. Chilies have a wide variety of uses since it is a popular spice and seasoning. Can even be powdered to flavour the food. Used to prepare chutneys and other snacks. They are rich in dietary fiber. So, it eases digestion. Protects against cancer and stimulates the cooling center of the brain by lowering the body temperature.

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  • Categories: Vegetables

Add a dash of spice to your food with the much loved Green Chillies. Green Chillies adds spiciness to the dish, which you cannot get from any other vegetable. They can be used in a variety of dishes like curries, breads, meat dishes, and stir fries. Tempering or tadka used in a variety of Indian dishes is incomplete without green chillies.


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